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Rilee Lynn Philip
NADAC: S-NAC, S-NJC, S-NGC, S-TN-N, S-OAC, S-TG-N, Novice Triple Superior, 1000 Lifetime Points Award

Rilee is a German Shepherd mix which I adopted from a MN no kill shelter at 8 weeks of age in 1999.  I quickly realized Rilee was a special pup who needed more out of life than a simple walk in the park.  At four months of age I began training Rilee in search and rescue.  She worked amazingly well as a wilderness airscent dog however, I choose to retire her at two and a half years of age.  After leaving the unit, my happy/energetic pup disappeared; she needed to exercise her brain.  Midway through 2002 we started agility training.  It was great, my girl was coming back!  In December 2003 we entered our first agility trial. We surprised ourselves by placing and qualifying in each of the events we entered.  Along the way there have been a few health-related roadblocks where I've come very close to losing her, she's a survivor and  each time springs back into health and action.  A few important things that I have learned along the way that have really helped me are to take it slow, have fun and listen to your dog.

Money can buy you a pretty good dog but it can't buy the wag of her tail.

Rilee loved life especially camping, canoeing, agility, and her friends. She greeted all with her joyous bark. She was fun to watch run, with her long graceful stride. She fought cancer through a full course of chemotherapy, and gained several months of remission during which she resumed her travels and agility. She is greatly missed by Jami, her best friend, and by everyone who knew her.