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4/15/2003 - 2/12/2011


Five years ago I adopted an anxious, nearly catatonic Corgi-Beagle mix from Pet Haven in Minneapolis. There was nothing behind the decision except that
I had gone to see him, and he needed a home -- it was too difficult to say "no". It took a long while, but he became comfortable in our home and he

Cody loved learning and training, and spent every moment he could shadowing me. He was by far the most fun dog I've ever trained, and I have many happy
memories of the long winter nights and summer afternoons spent working together training agility and tricks. We worked hard on his insecurities
together, too, and he always gave it his all.

Cody was for me a personal piece of sunshine. It was as if he woke up every morning unable to believe his incredible good fortune that there was a new
day ahead. He was extraordinarily gentle, sweet and funny. Not athletic -- he never became a fierce agility competitor -- but agile, clever, and always
joyous and exuberant. I will always remember the constant vigorous thump of his tail in his crate whenever I was close by.

He was a companion dog in every best sense of the word. I asked a lot of him, and he always gave me more than I asked.

Thank you all for sharing him with me, and for being so supportive of our journey. I can only wish for all my friends that you experience the love of
a dog who is overjoyed just being in your presence. It was spiritual.