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The Good Shepherd's Bad Habit
July 1998 to April 28, 2010

NADAC: Novice Triple Superior, Novice Versatility, Open Triple Superior, EAC, O-EJC, O-ECC, TN-E, TG-O, WV-N

Photo by Great Dane Photos

It's hard to say exactly when we adopted Ginger.  She was the last of our fosters that ended up staying with us.  Ginger came to us with a whole bunch of behavioral issues and when it became obvious that anyone that could handle them didn't want to we decided she should stay with us.  Ginger has been a very challenging dog to train.  She had 3 1/2 years to learn to ignore humans before she came to us.  Ginger has been thru pre-novice level of obedience training as well as trying her hand at herding.  Neither her nor I could really see the point in herding exercises, though we both enjoyed the real applications.  I continue to work on focus in the agility ring.  Ginger is one of the most difficult dogs I've trained because you never know which dog will show up!  Despite this we have had some success in the agility ring and most of the time I think she's enjoying herself.