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11/27/1996 - 1/18/2011

NADAC: OJC, S-NCC, S-NJC, S-NAC, TG-N, Novice Triple Superior

Guinness re-awakened my love of dogs a few years out of college, in our first home.  He was the biggest pup in an intentionally mixed litter, his mother being my cousin's dog (the GSD mix) and dad was the neighbor's giant black lab.   Nine puppies later, we were informed that they had picked out our Christmas gift.   And it really was the best gift I could have imagined.

 Guinness' willingness to learn and please made training so easy and fun, just what I hoped for.  TCOTC was discovered (through the yellow pages!) and we were almost instantly hooked.   Flyball was his real love as part of the 14"-16" Big Dog team, earning his ONYX award in 2005.  He and Maggie Pizzo had an "understanding" at the start line, allowing for some really great passes.  His athleticism translated well to agility and he started trialing as a Veteran.  He even earned his NADAC Novice Triple Superior, much to this handler's surprise and pleasure. 

 He was an excellent big brother to our son Sam, born in 2003, and we couldn't have asked for a more patient canine family member through all the transitions a human baby brings.   It was that steady personality that made him an excellent example for any fearful child to experience the joy of really playing with a dog that wouldn't do any harm, who wouldn't even think of it.   And who wouldn't want a big black dog, often mistaken for a "K-9", patrolling their yard in the city?  Little did most know, all they had to do was walk up to the house and they'd be greeted with a sloppy tennis ball…