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REO Speed Waggin’
(Ree, Roo, R-E-O, Monkey, Stilts, Turkey Butt, Mr Licky)

Cynosports: ARCHX
Do More With Your Dog: ETD
JRTCA: GTG Certificate
NACSW: L1-V, ORT-Birch and Clove
NADAC: Vers-NATC, NATCH, EAC, O-ECC, EJC-400, TNE-300, O-TG-E, O-WV-E, HP-E, BR-O, Intro, Novice, Open & Elite Versatility Award, 1,000 point award
NADAC Extreme Games: O-XBR-N, S-XGT-N, XCC-N

Photo by Great Dane Photos

Photo by Great Dane Photos

Photo by Great Dane Photos

REO was born in June 2008 and is the latest addition to my pack. He’s my first ever non-rescue dog. REO is not your typical JRT – he is VERY social and will mob any human or dog he can reach in hopes of playtime and kisses! (Watch out the tongue is QUICK!!). He also thinks rats are his friends… We are enjoying learning agility, tracking, JRT racing, and life skills as well as fetch and wrestling and chase games with anyone willing. He amazed me earning his CGC in February at just 8 months old! Now if we could convince him to always use his powers for good! REO already outruns Zak so boy oh boy am I in trouble and can be as much a monkey as Greta! I’m sure we have many great adventures to come! REO is definitely the outgoing jokester of the pack. He is teaching me about finding the joy and fun in every fun, stressful or frustrating moment of life with dogs!