The parade of veterans was created to pay tribute to the old dogs that have loved the sport of agility all of these years.  It is a way to bring these handlers and dogs together and let them in the ring "one more time."

Whether they have acquired multiple titles and NATCH's or they just ran to have fun, we honor them today for all of their achievements in the agility ring.  Some teams accomplished everything they set out to do and others achieved more then they could have ever dreamed.

Remember when you first saw a particular dog run and how much fun they were having and how they still enjoy it even now?  Maybe at a slower pace, but still with enthusiasm.

So put your hands together and applaud these best friends who have shared so much with their handlers.  Let the owner know it was nice to see them out there again.  Give the dog a pat on the head and a hug - and if you shed a tear or two, it only means you understand that your time in the agility ring is limited with your canine companion.

Here is a video of the Parade of Veterans

All participants were given a commemorative t-shirt when they checked in.
The back of the shirt listed the names of all of the veteran dogs.

Kelly D was our MC for the event.
She read bios for each dog that had been written by the owners and were printed in a booklet.

Lots of vets waiting their turn to parade around the ring.
They did a mini course of jumps (with no bars up) and a tunnel which ended on a table.

Handlers received a laminated copy of their dogs bio including a photo of their dog and a gift of dog cookies.

Dog Entered

9 Years Old

Mushtown's Maggie Pollitt "Maggie" and Chris Mosley

Brady's Brother Max "Max" and Niki Manning

Milo and Terri Lewis


9 1/2 Years Old

Diamond Aire Aviator "Ace" and JoAnne Schwietz

Sir Anselot "Ansel" and Kate An Hunter

Maya and Leo Fuerst


10 Years Old

Fabian and Laura Breckheimer

The Good Shepherd's Bad Habit "Ginger" and Gina Pizzo

Bushbusters Kayley of Camelot "Kayley" and Janet Ingersoll


Murphy and Deb Rickard


10 1/2 Years Old

Skeeter Jo and Joyce Johnson


11 Years Old

Hamilton's Copper Devil "Copper" and Heather Sather


11 1/2 Years Old

Nordic's Munge Tak "Garrett" and Lorelei Purdy

Zerlahn Cody's Wild Hunter "Hunter" and Jan Poole

Kallie and Jolynn Wedekind


12 Years Old

Gina's Thousand Dollar Rescue "Kip" and Jim Nally

Ramsay's Boomerang Aussie "Shep" and Jim Nally


12 1/2 Years Old

Brady and Deb Rickard

Riley Roo and Becky Hart


13 Years Old

Susie and Barbara Davis


14 1/2 Years Old

Maggie and Gina Pizzo

Trilogy Firepower Salutaire "Tigger" and Lorelei Purdy


15 Years Old

Banditt and JoAnne Schwietz