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Tracy Sklenar Agility Handling Seminar

October 26-28, 2018

registration was done by lottery
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Friday - Masters Handling
Push your skills past the Masters level! Are you ready to raise your game and explore how to get ahead and stay ahead of your fast dog on course? In this session you will explore ways to master ANY challenge on difficult AKC, USDAA or International-style courses that will make every course easier to run. Learn how the latest advancements in Tracy’s Feet Forward approach as well as how to choose the handling options that keep you ahead of your dog.  advanced & masters level

Saturday - Brilliant Beginnings
For dogs getting ready to compete as well as dogs already competing at the Novice level. If you are getting ready to compete or already competing at the Novice level, then this session is for you. You will have the opportunity to practice various handling techniques, work on your timing, choose the clearest handling tools for your dog, find the fastest line, build commitment and connection while developing confidence and speed as you are growing as a team.
Dogs should be at least 14 months old and must be ready to run simple sequences of 8 to 12 obstacles that include only jumps and tunnels.

Sunday - Advanced Handling
In agility, timing is everything! You may have the perfect plan and have trained well for the challenges on the course but one slight hesitation or delay and “poof” the Q is gone. Cuing your dog at the right moment is an absolute necessity for success in agility. And, yet, it is a skill handlers rarely practice. We just assume that we are improving when we run our dog through short sequences and courses. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In this session Tracy will guide you through some drills and show you how to use the right cue at the right time for your dog. She will also focus on improving the timing and accuracy of your cues.
advanced & masters level

Held at Twin Cities Obedience Training Club in Minneapolis

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